Human Resources

Program Description

This division provides City Council, executives, management, and employees advice, support, and recommendations to effectively utilize and manage the City's employee workforce and human resources. The division strategic role is to provide recommendations on long-term human resources management and operational services to include selection and placement, classification, salary and benefit administration, training and development, and employee relations assistance.


  • Provide effective and timely recruitment, advertising, screening, and referral of qualified applications for open positions.
  • Update, maintain, and implement an effective position description/classification program.
  • Develop, update, and administer competitive, responsive, and cost effective employee benefit programs.
  • Provide programs and services for employee growth and career development and enhancement.
  • Provide management and employees with positive recognition and communication programs and assist management and employees with employee relations issues.
  • Implement a program that ensures equal employment opportunity, legal compliance, and enhances diversity in the recruitment, selection, and employment of personnel.


  • Update and administer the Compensation Plan.
  • Revisions to the City of Kaufman Personnel Policy Manual.
  • Evaluate the Health Insurance Program, administer Section 125 Program and administer TMRS, and maintain the ICMA 457 Plan.
  • Conduct Annual Service Awards Program; assist with disciplinary, performance appraisals, performance problems, and employee relations issues.
  • Maintain an open-to-fill ratio for non-professional positions at 60-days and professional and management positions at 90-days.
  • Revise and update employee job descriptions.
  • Revise the City's Drug Policy developing procedures for post-accident testing.
  • Design and implement a new Compensation Plan to replace the obsolete step pay plan adopted in 1998.