Water Meter Replacement Project

Beginning this fall, the City of Kaufman will start a water meter replacement project to install residential

and commercial water meters with an automatic (smart) meter reading system. Water meters are used

to measure the amount of water delivered to our customers. Replacing old water meters with new

smart meters will ensure the City can accurately track water usage while reducing maintenance work.

The City is excited to announce our partnership with Master Meter, Inc. to bring advanced technology

which is designed to enhance your customer service experience, empower you to better manage your

water consumption throughout the month, and proactively identify troublesome leaks.

The project will also include an online customer portal to help customers gain a deeper insight into

how and when they use water. The My Water AdvisorTM cellphone app and computer portal provides

hourly information on how much water you’re using. More information for accessing the portal will

be shared post-installation here and on our Facebook page.

Smart Water Meter Benefits:

  • Accurate and efficient meter reading and water billing
  • Proactively conserve water
  • Identify continuous usage
  • Set up custom alerts

We look forward to offering this exciting technology to our residents. Monitor this page and our website for 

updates on this project.