Matching Grants

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Purpose of Program:
     •   Promote economic development
     •   Existing businesses retention
     •   Improve Town Square and CBD
     •   Revitalize existing commercial areas
     •   Increase property values
     •   Support unique architectural style
     •   Promote and develop new or expanded business enterprises

Development District:
     •   Four sides of Town Square plus one block in each direction
     •   Washington St. Corridor (expanded) from Town Square to Houston St.
     •   Mulberry St. from Town Square to new Hwy. 34 by-pass
     •   U.S. 175 from Houston St. to new Hwy. 34 by-pass. 

Improvements Available for Matching Grants from EDC:
     •   Façade:
             •   Replacing Windows
             •   Painting front Facades
             •   Awnings - Adding or Removing
             •   Addition of Brick/Stone and brick/stone veneers
             •   Removing Burglar Bars/adding video security 

     •   Sidewalks:

             •   Addition of sidewalks
             •   Repair of broken/sunken sidewalks 

     •   Parking and Drives:

             •   Remove or relocate existing drives
             •   New parking paving
             •   Resurfacing/striping
      •   Landscaping:
              •   Removal of old plants
              •   Planting new plants/trees
              •   Accent lighting 
     •   Signage:
               •   Removal of pole signs
               •   Adding new monument signage
               •   Adding projecting signs (town square) 

     •   Pedestrian Amenities:

              •   Addition of bus stop
              •   Outdoor dining/seating 

     •   Participants:
              •  Sole proprietors, for-profit, non-profit, no taxes or debt owed to city, in business at least 2 years.
              •   Tenants with multi-year lease
              •   Ineligible – government agencies, non-conforming zoning uses 

     •   Ineligible Improvements:
              •   Playground or recreational equipment
              •   Unlicensed contract work
              •  New commercial construction
              •   Burglar bars
              •   Interior remodel
             •   Fencing
              •   “Sweat Equity” 
     •   Targeted Areas/Businesses:
              •   Town Square and CBD
              •   Main commercial corridors
              •    Entry portals to community
              •   Retail, restaurants, grocery, medical office 
      •   Funded by:
              •   Kaufman Economic Development Corporation 

     •   Matching Grant Schedule:

             •   Façade:
 •   Removal of awnings 50% match up to $1,000 max
                      •   Windows and painting 50% match up to $2,000 max
                      •   Addition of brick/stone 50% match up to $4,000 max
                      •   Removal of Burglar Bars 50% match up to $1,000 max


                      •  50% match up to $3,000 max

             •   Parking and Drives:

                      •   50% match up to $4,000 max

             •   Landscaping:
                      •   25% Match up to $2,000 max

             •   Signage:

                      •  25% Match up to $1,500 max

             •   Pedestrian Amenities:

                      •   Bus Stop 50% Match up to $1,000 max
                      •   Others 50% Match up to $1,500 max
             •   Procedures for KEDC Incentives:

                      •   Pre-Application meeting with KEDC staff
                      •   Application

Review, evaluation and approval by Site Enhancement Board made up of three individuals: KEDC Executive Director, City Development Services Director, plus one member of KEDC Board or one member of Keep Kaufman Beautiful Board appointed by the KEDC Board annually in the summer to start a one year term October 1st each year.
*           Approval by majority of Site Enhancement Board members

     •   Approvals include project scope, design, colors and textures:
             •   Notice given to proceed
             •   KEDC staff to verify work, research invoices to make sure contractors and subs are paid.
             •   City planning department to inspect for code violations, ADA compliance, etc.
             •   Request for funds signed off by KEDC Staff and City Planner
             •   Payment made to owner/tenant
Program Goals:
     •   Promote Kaufman as business friendly
     •   Improve six to ten properties per year
     •   Retain existing businesses, sustain and create jobs
     •   Increase local option sales tax collections
     •  Over 10 years increase property values of a minimum of 60 properties by $12 Million
     •   Improve walkability of commercial areas
     •   Improve aesthetics of community to further economic development

Contact the Kaufman Economic Development Corporation for an application at 972-932-5332.