Repairing and providing preventive maintenance to all public streets and alleys; maintaining, repairing and installing street/traffic signs; repairing potholes and minor incidents of street failure; sweeping the streets; cleaning curb and gutter; mowing grass, spraying chemicals and weed eating; picking up trash and papers; trimming trees and clearing brush; painting crosswalks; cleaning drainage ditches; cleaning, repairing and installing inlets and culverts are a few of the works done by this Division. This Division is also responsible for inspection and repair of any utility cuts made by various utility companies. This Division installs and removes banners, seasonal decor, lights, and assist in barricading the streets for special events or in case of emergency. Maintaining and improving community appearance by performing ground maintenance and by helping Code Enforcement Division with abatements is a important job of this Division. This Division plays a very important role in the NEAT program organized by Development Services. If weather permits, this Division completes citizen requested pothole repairs within 48-hours of notification and responds to inclement weather conditions within two hours of notification by supplying barricading and other traffic control measures as necessary.


  • Protect the investment in public streets through adequate repair and maintenance.
  • Assist the public with special projects (Halloween on Houston Street, Christmas on the Square, and miscellaneous events).


  • Complete 75% of citizen requested pothole repairs within 48-hours of notification.
  • Maintain, reconstruct and/or overlay streets through annual street maintenance and rehabilitation program.
  • Respond to inclement weather conditions within 2-hours of notification.
  • Inspect all utility cuts to insure compliance with the City of Kaufman Pavement and Excavation Cut standards.

Convenience Station:

City’s Convenience Station provides the citizens of Kaufman an option to dispose of white goods and brushes in a convenient, cost effective, and environmentally safe method that meet all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. It also allows recycling of waste materials such as plastic, aluminum cans, cardboard and newspaper. This facility is owned by the City and operated by Kaufman County. The Convenience Station is located at the north end of Alton Street. Working Hours of the Convenience Station:

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Currently it costs $7.50 per cubic yards for normal household waste disposal, including brush.

The City of Kaufman and Kaufman County citizens can get mulch from this station at no cost. Please call 972-923-2161 for the availability of mulch.