Public Works

The Public Works Department provides services to Kaufman citizens through the planning, operation, maintenance, construction management, and technical engineering of the City's public infrastructures. The Department is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the City's streets and drainage, parks and sports complex, water distribution system, wastewater collection system, and wastewater treatment plant. This Department reviews and approves construction drawings, specifications, and standard details for public and private construction within the City, provides complete engineering support for all of the City's Departments, addresses floodplain issues, and demonstrates a proactive approach to new or redevelopment within the City. Staff works diligently to ensure that the City's infrastructures are built in accordance with the City Code and adhere to the highest standards of construction and engineering. This department consists of Public Works Administration, Water/Wastewater, Street and Parks, and Wastewater Treatment Plant Division.


The purpose of this division is to coordinate all divisions under the Public Works Department to accomplish city goals and communicate department activities to the City Manager. The goal of this Division is to maintain a positive and motivated workforce to accomplish overall City goals and to ensure quality public works infrastructures and a safe environment by utilizing a team of professionals and a unified workforce.

This division is responsible for the general supervision and direction of all public works operations and facilities. The facilities include an underground water storage facility, two overhead storage tanks, a wastewater treatment facility, a utility maintenance facility, a street maintenance facility, a trash disposal and recycling facility, eight city parks, and two city lakes. Operational activities include water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, stormwater drainage project coordination, Street rehabilitation project coordination, park maintenance activity, operation coordination, right-of-way management, and new construction plan review and inspection. This Division prepares and presents the annual budget for all the divisions under the Public Works Department and also prepares and submits grant applications to appropriate agencies.

Public Works Administrative Staff also supports the efforts of the Parks and Recreation Board.  


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