Program Description

The Planning Division implements the long-range Comprehensive Plan and Thoroughfare Plan goals and objectives through zoning, subdivision and variance applications. Provide development information through handouts, pamphlets, the Developer's Guide and the City's website. Maintain and update the City's Zoning Map, Future Land Use Map and Thoroughfare Plan. Enhance economic development by providing annexation, zoning, and platting administration. Liaison roles include supporting the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Zoning Adjustment, the Building Standards Commission, the Kaufman Economic Development Corporation (KEDC), the Fire and Public Works Department. The division has regulatory responsibility for Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Consumer Health, and Economic Development in the City and ETJ.


  • Implement Kaufman's vision of the future with the Comprehensive Plan, Thoroughfare Plan, and Parks Plan
  • Continually administer the policies, procedures and regulations in a fair and equitable manner
  • Review to make improvements to the development process


  • Implement the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Integrate Highway 34 By-Pass into overall planning efforts of the City
  • Revise Subdivision Regulations
  • Adoption of proposed Comprehensive Plan
  • Provide information packets pertaining to the City's development process on the City's website and for walk-in customers
  • Official Zoning Map, Future Land Use Map and Thoroughfare Plan Map to Arc View, to place on the City's website
  • Create an annexation plan and begin implementation