The Finance Department is committed to providing timely, accurate, clear, and complete information to support other city departments, citizens, and the community.   It is primarily responsible for preparing financial reports that promote transparency and accountability.  Additionally, the department protects city assets, both real and intangible.  It also ensures the city’s compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and its conformity with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) best practices, and the Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA).  

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Customer Solutions
  • Utility Billing
  • Municipal Court
  • Purchasing
  • Payroll
  • Budget Preparation and Oversight
  • Financial Reporting & Transparency
  • Debt Management
  • Treasury Management

Online Bill Payments

If you have been disconnected for non-payment and have paid online please contact Utility billing at 972-932-2216 to inform us that you have paid your bill so we can reconnect your utilities. To pay your bill online please visit our Online Bill Payment page.