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The City of Kaufman welcomes you..

to the Resident's Page. We wanted to offer something that took you quickly to information that may be most relevant. We would like it to be almost a community bulletin board. If there is any information you would like to see here, e-mail us.


Click through this year's budget. We hope to get a lot accomplished while maximizing the use of your tax dollars. Already you have seen this year's street improvements. You may have seen the new fire truck. This new ladder truck will give us a capability to figth fire like we saw at "The Feed Store" much more effectively.

Page through our Business Plan. Use your Adobe Reader and open the "bookmarks" window. It will help you jump to information you want to see. You can also click on the table of contents and you will jump right to the section you are interiested in.

Seniors 65 or Older...

If a Senior Citizen (Age 65 or above) pays the City directly for their water utility service, they may apply for a $2.00 discount on their monthly water rate. The applications are available on-line and at City Hall located at 209 South Washington Street. Applicants must show proof of age with either a birth certificate or driver’s license.

The City of Kaufman is proud to be able to offer this discount to its most gracious citizens of the community.

If you know someone who might qualify for this discount, please encourage them to apply or bring them to City Hall.

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