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Paula Bacon, Mayor


I am a fifth generation citizen of Kaufman, yet I spent many years living elsewhere—Austin, Boston, and Italy

I earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Harvard University where I became interested in community outreach and public policy.  In Austin I served on the smart growth subcommittee of the Planning and Zoning Commission, as well as an officer in the Austin Neighborhood Council and as vice president of the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association.

For several years I worked alongside my father in the family lumberyard, “friendly service since 1896.”  I think of those as the best years of my life because, though I had grown up in Kaufman, it was the lumberyard that gave me a sustained understanding, appreciation, and love of my community.  I served two terms on the City Council at that time.

Returning years later to Kaufman, I served on the Planning and Zoning Commission before being elected Mayor in 2003, and re-elected in 2005.

Welcome Letter:

"Now is an exciting time of change and renewal.  Kaufman is a busy, thriving, and interesting place.  My belief in Kaufman and its people is very strong.  This community graced me with an exuberant childhood that was safe and full of promise.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help shape the future of Kaufman, to build the new and revitalize the old. 

Kaufman is an older Texas town, settled around 1840 and incorporated many years later.  Our roots are deep.  The City Council and I are committed to the continued and increasing prosperity of this city.

Among my goals is the promotion and expansion of Kaufman’s health care industry.  It is no secret that as baby boomers age, the demand for health care increases significantly.  Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman has begun a city-supported expansion of its excellent facility.  Next door is the highly regarded nursing school, Trinity Valley Community College Health Science Center.  New doctor’s offices and professional buildings are planned or have been completed.  Building upon the health care industry makes sense for Kaufman now and in the future.
Hand in hand are continuing plans for residential and retail development.  Our community wants and needs such growth.  City Hall is working to efficiently accommodate development while allocating its costs to those who stand to profit from development.

The State Highway 34 realignment project within Kaufman’s city limits is an ongoing goal.  Traffic counts continue to increase.  Safety and development pressures compel us to pursue a North/South thru-way in addition to the only two North/South thru-ways we have now—Washington Street and Houston Street.

Other goals no less important are enhancing the looks of Kaufman, and promoting the town square with the help of the Heritage Society; developing the potential of our beautiful Sports Complex, as well as exploring ways to make the scenic city lakes and parks better assets to our community. 

An exceptionally important goal is that we work smarter, and step up the successful pursuit of good businesses and good employers for Kaufman.  And while street improvements are nice for current users, nice streets also send a very positive message to potential newcomers.

I believe that posting ordinances, meeting agendas, and minutes means better information, hence better decision making.  Similarly, I support community access television and plan to work to that end with our cable provider at contract renewal.

Perhaps my single most important goal is to excite the interest and active contributions of the people of Kaufman. Whether newcomers or lifelong residents, young or old--or somewhere in between, our city needs input from people who are eager to champion Kaufman’s bright potential.   Without question, it is the diverse people of Kaufman who are the best assurance that Kaufman’s future is solidly prosperous."