Sanitation Services

sanitary services map

The City of Kaufman is contracted with IESI for trash services. To set up services or change services please call IESI at 469-452-8000. You are provided one 95 gallon trash cart with cart services. An extra trash cart can be obtained and will be an additional $3 per month. Please call the City of Kaufman at 972-932-2216 to set up additional trash cart service.

Pick-ups are once weekly. Please refer to the map for your location and pick- up day.

Please place your trash can at the curb by 7 a.m. on your assigned pick up day and make sure they are within 2 feet of the edge of the street with the handles facing your house.

For questions please call IESI at 469-452-8000

Holiday Pick- Up

Services will run one day behind for the Thanksgiving (November 28th), Christmas (December 25th), and New Year's (January 1st) holidays. If your pick up is on one of these days, your pickup will be run the following day. For example: If your pick up is on Tuesday which just happens to fall on one of these holidays, it will be picked up on Wednesday.