1. Single Family Permits
  2. Commercial Permits

Single Family Permits

All items are required to be submitted at the same time, with a copy of this check list.  If you are missing anyone of the items below, we will return the sets to you without reviewing the plans. 


A check payable to the City of Kaufman for $620.00.  This is your plan review fee and will be credited towards the total amount due, when the permit is issued.  If the project is cancelled, change house plans, or do not complete the permit process, you will not be issued a refund or have the money credited to another project.


We need 3 sets of construction plans on 11”x 17” paper. They must be legible and easy to read with a cover page listing each additional page with its description.  We also need a USB drive with all of the following items loaded on to it.  Those items will be downloaded and the USB drive will be returned to you before you leave the office. 


Once the plans have been reviewed and approved, we will keep 1 sets, 1 set is to be kept on the job site, and 1 set is for your office. 


Building Permit Application must be completely filled out, including:

Contractor’s name and phone number

Owner’s name, address and phone number

Sub-contractor’s name and phone numbers (for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing)

Project address with the Kaufman County Appraisal Districts Property Identification Number (PID)

The estimated value of the project (including all materials and labor)

The total square footage of the structure

The heat/cool square footage of the structure


Plot Plan:

Recommended scale: 1/8” = 1’-0” or 1”=20’ (scale used must be noted on the plans)

Dimensions of lot

Total square footage of lot

North arrow

Any easements

Front, side, and rear setbacks

Building footprint with all projections & dimensions to all property lines and/or other buildings


Foundation Plan:

Recommended scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

Soils report or letter by an engineer

Structural and architectural details

Footings, foundation, piers, and grade beams, with details must be designed and stamped by an engineer

Reinforcing spacing and size


HVAC Details:

Location of HVAC equipment


Architectural Details:

Recommended scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

Roof, to include eaves, overhangs, rake and gables


Energy Compliance Report:

Must be done by a licensed professional

Project Information sheet

Estimated Annual Energy Usage sheet


Floor Plan:

Recommended scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

Full architectural plans, fully dimensioned and labeled

Include adjoining rooms, labeled as to their use with all window and door locations

All wall-to-wall dimensions

All room finish ceiling heights

All window sizes and operations to be on the plans (slider, single hung, fixed, casement, etc)

List number of exits


Exterior Elevations:

Recommended scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

Identify finish materials to be used

All four elevation views are to be shown

Note percentage of masonry on each elevation


Electrical Details:

Service meter location and main breaker size in amps

Sub-panel locations(s)

Location of all smoke detectors (must be interconnected)


Plumbing Details:

Show all plumbing fixtures

Show location of water heater (if located in the attic, note it on the plans)

Note water meter size needed

Note number of water meters needed

Complete a water application for each water meter

Sewer size minimum is 4”

All sewer lines are required to have a clean out installed at the property line


Stair Details:

Stairway width, rise, run, landing length, and headroom height

Handrail, guardrail, and baluster details